Product Description

Made in Sheffield from 18/10 stainless steel. Mirror polished. Measures 210 mm in length and weighs 100 grammes.


The Handle is genuine Red Deer Stag Antler Horn, polished by hand. The Stag Horn is a natural material that falls off the Deer’s head every year in the British Countryside. All of our antlers are ethically sourced across Britain from the woodlands of England & the Highlands of Scotland. We collect the antlers and use them for a variety of our products, from Steak Knives & Forks to Carving Sets. Red Deer first migrated from Europe to Britain over 11,000 years ago & are Britain’s largest land mammal. Please note the Stag Antler can vary in colour & texture from handle to handle as it is a natural product. Thank you for your time.