Product Description

Made in Sheffield from 18/10 stainless steel. Mirror polished. Measures 230 mm in length and weighs 80 grammes. Blade stamped ‘Stainless Sheffield England’.


The Handle is genuine Red Deer Stag Antler Horn, polished by hand. The Stag Horn is a natural material that falls off the Deer’s head every year in the British Countryside. All of our antlers are ethically sourced across Britain from the woodlands of England & the Highlands of Scotland. We collect the antlers and use them for a variety of our products, from Steak Knives & Forks to Carving Sets. Red Deer first migrated from Europe to Britain over 11,000 years ago & are Britain’s largest land mammal. Please note the Stag Antler can vary in colour & texture from handle to handle as it is a natural product. Thank you for your time.