Product Description

Here for sale is our handmade Damascus Steel Steak Knife Set comprising of 4 Knives that are perfect for everyday use. Hand forged out of a combination of 15N20 and 1095 Carbon Steel, these knives hold a fantastic, razor sharp edge that make cooking a pleasure. With a 58-62 rating on the HRC Scale, these knives will not blunt very easily! Better than what can be bought in shops today this set will last you a lifetime if maintained correctly and looked after as any good set of knives should be!

The Handles are handcrafted out of Olive Wood & Laminate Wood, a material that is not only beautiful but is also very durable. The ergonomic shape of the handle ensures that the use of the Steak Knives is a fantastic experience with each knife being perfectly balanced and feeling great in the hand. High Quality Knives that would make a fantastic gift. Workback to the tang as the images show.

For Care & Maintenance, we recommend that the knives should be lubricated with either Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil or Mineral Oil to prevent rusting, ensuring that the set lasts a lifetime! All of these are food-safe lubricants and are very cheap to purchase. Each knife will be issued in a protective plastic sheaths along with extra sheaths free of charge!


The Lengths & Weights of the Knives are listed Below:

Total Length: 23.5 cm, Blade Length: 13 cm, Handle Length: 10.5 cm, Weight: 114 Grammes

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.