Product Description

Here for sale is our handmade Damascus Steel Chef Knife Set comprising of 4 Knives that are perfect for everyday use. Hand forged out of a combination of 15N20 and 1095 Carbon Steel, these knives hold a fantastic, razor sharp edge that make cooking a pleasure. With a 58-62 rating on the HRC Scale, these knives will not blunt very easily! Better than what can be bought in shops today this set will last you a lifetime if maintained correctly and looked after as any good set of knives should be!

The Handles are handcrafted out of Camel Bone, a material that is not only beautiful but is also very durable. The ergonomic shape of the handle ensures that the use of the Kitchen Knives is a fantastic experience with each knife being perfectly balanced and feeling great in the hand. The set of Damascus Chefs Knives is also accompanied with a Premium Leather Roll for storage to keep the knives safe and to protect them from the elements. High Quality Knives that would make a fantastic gift.

For Care & Maintenance, we recommend that the knives should be lubricated with either Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil or Mineral Oil to prevent rusting, ensuring that the set lasts a lifetime! All of these are food-safe lubricants and are very cheap to purchase. Please do not permanently store the knives in the leather roll as the leather will soak the oil up, therefore leaving your knives unprotected. Each knife will be issued in a protective plastic sheaths along with extra sheaths free of charge!


The Lengths & Weights of the 4 Knives are listed Below:

Knife 1: Total Length: 32cm, Blade Length: 20cm, Handle Length: 12cm, Weight: 240 Grammes

Knife 2: Total Length: 30cm, Blade Length: 18cm, Handle Length: 12cm, Weight: 205 Grammes

Knife 3 (Cleaver): Total Length: 28cm, Blade Length: 15cm, Handle Length: 13cm, Weight: 235 Grammes

Knife 4: Total Length: 28cm, Blade Length: 15cm, Handle Length: 12cm , Weight: 200 Grammes

Knife 5: Total Length: 25cm, Blade Length: 14cm, Handle Length: 11cm , Weight: 160 Grammes

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.