Product Description

On offer today is a beautiful set of  Twelve Table/Dinner Knives accompanied with 10 Dessert Knives in immaculate condition. As the photos reflect the knives are a perfect example of what fine cutlery could be made in Paris at the turn of the 20th Century.

Each knife bears an Ebony Wood Handle along with a Silver Cap & Ferrule. The original blades are marked ‘PARIS’ and the sets looks to have experienced minimal use over the last 120 years. Created by the finest Silversmiths in Paris, presented in their original felt lined cases with the letters L.D. embossed on the top. The handles are in great condition as the images show and look fantastic.

The Table Knives measure 25 CMS and weigh 55 Grammes.
The Dessert Knives measure 21 CMS and weigh 30 Grammes.

This set would grace anyones home. A functional lot in this highly attractive pattern, a great set as a gift and would doubtless cost an awful lot in a retail outlet today.

These are perfect for use all year round, easy to maintain, grasp the opportunity to be able to own this lovely set today!