Product Description

On offer today is a phenomenal set of Sterling Silver Pistol Knives and Forks, dating back to 1649.
As you can see from the images, the knives and forks have been completely restored by Master Crafstman in our factory in Sheffield, England. The two forks in this rare collection bear a crest with a Boars Head, along with the latin phrase “Quid Clarius Astris” translating to ‘What is brighter than the stars?”. The crest depicted is the Baillie Clan crest, the first recorded use of which was in 1311. The two fork tines along with the smaller blade are Solid Silver.

Throughout this collection we see a variety of Makers Marks. The first makers mark we believe to be Thomas Streetin (Makers Mark T.S) whilst the other Makers Mark (I.P) we believe to be John Preist. We have dated these knives to have been manufactured in London, between 1649-1679, during the reign of Charles II. This is evident in the way the border of the Lion Passant hallmark encapsulates the Lion, only seen on early pieces such as this set of knives and forks. Any date later than 1679 sees the Lion Passant mark with a square border, unlike the Lion Passant that these peices bear, confirming the age of the collection.

The largest knife measures 27.7 cms and weighs a heavy 126 grammes whilst the smallest knife measures 20.5cms and weighs 56 grammes. The forks measure 20cms and weigh 73 grammes respectively.

This collection is very rare, not only due to the makers, but also the time period in which they were maufactured. These are true antiques of our time, a fascinating collection of British history and I am sure these will be cherished for many more years to come. A highly rare collection, 370 years old that will only increase in value as the years progress and items like these get scarcer and scarcer.
This is your opportunity!!!

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thankyou for your time.

These are perfect for use all year round, easy to maintain, grasp the opportunity to be able to own this lovely set today!